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Imperative Organisation Structure

As organisations grow, it is imperative that the 'organisation structure' is transformed and redesigned to facilitate and sustain an increased level of operations. KRAs, roles, responsibilities, job descriptions and delegation of powers need to be spelt out and put in place to ensure focus, accountability and alignment of functions and individual actions of the personnel with the organisational strategy, objectives, goals and targets.


Organisations need to take a close look at the organisation structure and design at all the stages of growth. It is required in :

  • Small, often family-controlled organisations growing to medium to large organisations, where the owner needs to let go of direct control, broaden the organisation, and delegate;
  • Medium-sized organisations that are poised to take a leap forward with geographical / activity expansion;
  • Large organisations that are often left with legacy structures for activities that have gradually morphed into entirely different ones due to the diktats of the market.

We offers the following services in Organisation Structure Design


of the current organisation structure within the framework of long-term objectives, goals, targets and business plans of the organisation.

Appropriate redesign keeping in mind

Fitment: This is very important, as every organisation has key people who need to be positioned appropriately. Staff qualifications, experience and perceived capabilities have to be in alignment with job requirements to ensure long-term organisational health and employee motivation.

Business processes: While the adage that systems follow structure is true, there is an intermediate layer – business processes – which has an effect on both. Business processes are often dictated by industries and activities within the industry, and need to be aligned with the organisation structure and systems.

Finalisation and documentation of
  • Organisation structure
  • KRAs
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • JDs
  • DoP